Potluck for Detroit’s Future Labor Community Center

17500 John R
3 blocks north of 6 mile (McNichols)
see map

There is an old building that is in somewhat disrepair that many of us have been working on and cleaning up — with visions of a Detroit Labor Café

Thursdays, starting April 14th organizers are planning a pot luck dinner to bring together minds, ideas and dreams for this community hub.  It’s an open invitiation to vest your interest.

The whole concept of the Labor Café – talked about since at least the mid 1990′s – needs to be reintroduced and developed by the Progressive Community. Please help get this done.

The building has a bathroom and a 20′ by 30′ space and you are invited to come for a potluck dinner on Thursday to talk about what to do, and how to make this space work as a community building spot.

Is anyone else ready to do this? Would anyone like to help? Like help with the interior design of a 6000 sq ft building? Like help with tearing down walls and building new ones back up? Like promoting with in the community – this idea of a labor community center?

Plan to meet between 5:30 pm to 8:30pm. Come early, come late – we will be there.  Can’t make it Thursday evening?  Contact Kevin at 734-444-4491 or ppsmackey@gmail or on facebook.

Not sure how you can help?  Just come.  Share dialogue.  Envision a place that’s whatever we want it to be.  We’ll need help on everything from manual labor to professional services and advice.  These could include accounting, cleaning, business and legal advice, design and artistic ideas and computer skills.

The more the merrier.

Please forward to interested people.


One Response

  1. Yeah PPS. Sounds like something I’d like to try one weekend get away from Cleveland! I’ll get some buzz going on to make the Potluck a destination for any Ohio visitors.
    Seriously. This is a great idea.

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