Peaceful Power Solutions Community Café

Your community gathering hub. A destination for refreshment, nourishment, learning, sharing, giving, receiving, and for growing food, ideas, friendships and community who knows:

We are all in this together.

How do we organize ourselves – from the streets we live on – to the neighborhood our homes are in – to citizens of the World.

It will draw all kinds of people for all kinds of reasons … to see what’s going on … to get a quick coffee or tea or juice with a healthy snack … to sit and eat or drink with friends old and new … to talk about what’s new or what’s needed … to help the neighborhood … to build the community … to have a good meal … to plant seeds or work in the garden … to work in the kitchen … to get help for a friend or neighbor … to help out a friend or neighbor … to learn a new skill … to teach someone something … to create music and works of art and stage plays … to enjoy these works of music and art and stage … to teach the children … to learn from each other … to inspire each other … to share time together … to improve the community.

The Café will focus on food in all of its stages – tilling the soil, enriching the earth, planting the seeds, nurturing the plants, harvesting the produce, and preparing and serving healthy meals at an affordable price. People will be invited to enjoy nourishing food that tastes great. If they want to learn, they can find out how to grow the food they like, and how to prepare it at home. People will come to the Café to help keep the cycle going – from garden to table. They will want to return because of the sense of hope, help and peace that fills the place.

The Café will be a community kitchen, a wonderful restaurant, a quick snack stop, a learning center, a neighborhood drop-in center, a place to socialize, a place to make new friends.

Be prepared to forgive others mistakes in our community space, including your own.

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